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Our team is composed by humans and raptors, each with considerable amounts of experience in animal training, zoology, holistic therapies and interaction with the public. Come meet us in person (or bird in certain cases) and discover more about the wonderful world of raptors…


  • Anthro-zoologist

  • Professional falconer since 2007

  • “Hawk-Walk” instructor at Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland

  • Animal management teacher at Askham-Bryan College in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

  • Particular focuses: MBSR and “Shinrin Yoku” or Forest bath



  • Zoologist, ornithologist and conservationist

  • Falconer since 2008, licensed in USA

  • Fluent in English, Italian and Arabic

  • Practiced falconry in a variety of countries including Yemen, Italy and the USA

  • Assistant instructor of natural sciences at Diversified Occupations Program in Middlebury, Vermont.

  • Proficient in the training of various types of raptor



  • Male Common buzzard (Buteo buteo)

  • Friends with Silvia for 11 years

  • Master smile and curiosity instigator

  • Professional meat eater

  • Kind, cool and happy

  • Always ready to make new friends and show off how good he is at flying



  • Male American kestrel (Falco sparverius)

  • A young male of a year and a half

  • Curious, independent and adventurous

  • Friendly and fun

  • Master aerial acrobat

  • Mouse-lover extraordinaire 

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 1.45_edited.jpg


  • Male Common hobby (Falco subbuteo)

  • From a native yet rare Italian species

  • Small and agile flyer 

  • Part of one of the few bat eating species

  • Grand migrator 



  • Male Indian eagle-owl (Bubo bengalensis)

  • Reading glasses model at Owl Agency

  • Head chef at Raw Mouse Inn

  • Proud, intrepid and jolly



  • Male barn owl (Tyto alba)

  • Native, widespread species in Italy

  • Light, graceful and silent

  • True "night-owl" through and through

  • Grand prize winner of "Most silent flight of 2021"



  • Femmina di Gheppio americano (Falco sparverius)

  • Specie nativa e diffusa in tutta le Americhe

  • Leggera, graziosa e simpatica

  • Grande amante dei bambini

  • Premio d'oro insegnante di volo rapido 2022

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