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Brief educational experiences


It doesn’t matter if you’re kids or adults, newbies or pros, alone or in a group, our raptors are ready to educate and enchant you.

Brief educational experiences allow you to meet and interact with our team of both raptors and humans up close. This usually takes the form of a structured session or walk with raptors following us on wing, displaying their flight styles, behaviors and coming down to interact with us regularly, giving routine cues for us to learn more. These experiences are open for everyone including kids, families and school groups. They take place in the beautiful gardens of Villa Montruglio in Mossano, as well as various other natural locations in the Veneto region.



During these interactions, we will share valuable knowledge on what species of raptor you’re meeting, their personality, along with the basics of their biology, ethology and their place in the valuable ecosystems of which they’re part. Some of the raptors are native to the Veneto area and you’ll have the opportunity of admiring them up close and in their natural habitat, which is usually quite difficult when dealing with wild specimens.

Handling certain raptors is a serious matter, so we reserve the right to decide whether it is possible after having met our guests, keeping in mind the size and behavior of our guests relative to that of the raptors.

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For more info on educational experiences, please don't hesitate to contact  us

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