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This acronym coined by us is based on direct experience over the course of many years of observing people interacting with raptors, along with university-level studies and post-graduate theses conducted by members of our team . It has been noted that this form of interaction, in a natural setting, with the help of trained raptor that still maintains an element of wildness, and with the support of a highly empathetic person, yields positive results for individuals that suffer from psycho-emotional stress and behavioral disorders. Recent academic literature supports these observations, adding to close to 10 years of positive feedback for our partners at Wings of Change, Netherlands, with whom we collaborate closely. 


Mindfulness is a process originating in Zen Buddhist philosophy that educates people in being present by living with consciousness, attention and intent. Thus, mindfulness can manifest itself in the form of concentration and attention, both attributes strongly associated with the bird of prey. In addition, we benefit from the physical element necessary in training and being with them.


Very few other species that are not domesticated allow humans to interact with them as intimately as raptors. Interacting with them helps develop patience, discipline, self-control, attention, balance and trust, thereby instilling a sense of stability and self-worth. We learn to slow down, breathe, pay attention and then let go, being present in our respect for the animals we are lucky enough to interact with.

The stress-reducing effects of interacting with raptors have been observed in various peer-reviewed studies and by our partners "Wings of Change" in Andjik, Netherlands. Wings of Change have close to 10 years experience in occupational therapy via the use of trained raptors. We have their full support in developing and undertaking mindfulness-based activities through our raptors ambassadors and follow protocols established by them.  


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