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Come fly with us!

We believe that interaction with wild animals as astute, specialized and charismatic as raptors offers enormous educational potential and a multitude of benefits relating to attention, self-control, discipline and self-esteem.

Falconeria Zen brings you closer to the animals, expanding your knowledge of raptor biology, ethology (behavior) and training within the context of the age-old alliance between human and raptor, and the cooperation and coevolution it entails. Prepare to be captivated by the grace and impeccable evolutionary precision of these animals and the patience, precision and focus required to interact with them. 

You can come meet our feathered friends alone, with your family or in a group. Age and level of experience don’t matter, so join us for an educational, interactive and unforgettable experience.



Let the raptors be ambassadors and show us more of their wild world in a "Hawk-Walk"


An increasing body of literature point to how interaction with wild animals in natural settings can lower levels of stress and stimulate self-control, concentration, discipline and improve self-esteem.

Leave your worries behind and get up close and personal with the world of raptors with our RASR experiences.

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